Mr. Sohail Beediwala

Chief Executive Officer



Mr. Sohail Beediwala started his career as General Manager in the year 2001 by managing the first ever Radio Cab, introduced in Karachi Pakistan, which is known as Metro cab managed by Pak Limousine Services (Pvt) Ltd. As there was no previous example of Radio Cab in Pakistan, therefore it was a great task to introduce and manage entirely new & innovative service in the city of Karachi.

I never set out to be CEO. I always set out to be a good team member, a good colleague

Metro cab had a fleet of seventy five (75) cabs with strength of 225 personnel which include 200 drivers. The main object was to provide excellent service to the commuters of Karachi ties. Mr. Beediwala succeeded in managing the fleet and operated the service with maintaining first-rate disciplined environment. Mr. Beediwala resigned in the year 2003 from Metro Cab due to personal reasons.

Change in the culture and showed enthusiastic response by relying on the Radio Cab service. Mr. Beediwala resigned from job just to start his own business.

  • 2003: Mr. Beediwala proposed City Government to switch the Radio Cab authority from Sindh Government. In this regard Mr. Beediwala worked exceptionally hard for one year to prepare the policy of Radio Cab and suggested to bring it in urban transport scheme. The City Government appreciated the proposal and accepted the Radio Cab policy which is being implemented in letter & spirit.
  • 2004: M/s. Fazal-e-rabbi group offered Mr. Beediwala to join them as Executive Director. Mr. Beediwala proposed to introduce a new cab which was named as White Cab. The White Cab started its business with 25 cars and its fleet in a shirt span of one year shot up to 120 cars. The number of staff was 400 in which driver’s strength was 300. Mr. Beediwala`s Task was to provide excellent Radio Cab service with personalized care & tremendous security to the commuters. This was an ideal and innovative plan. Initially, the response received from the general public was Luke warm, but in a short while the Karachi ties started accepting a glowing
  • 2007: Mr. Beediwala (Chief Executive Office) formed his own business with four other partners which is known as M/s. Vintage Limousine Services (Private) Limited